10/25/02 – Anyone interested in new The Fire Theft news might want to head over to the official site. Once you’re done, try answering our new poll question.

10/14/02 – As promised, heres a new batch of pics from the boys. 3 days away from completing the album, and sound clips are on the way.

Song Titles
Will, Nate, and Jeremy
10/01/02 – Jeremy, Will, and Nate have just finished 2 new songs for a total of 15 songs on The Fire Theft album. The boys were also kind enough to share some photos they’ve taken during the whole process over the past months. They’ll be sending me more (including more “action shots”) at which time I’ll organize them all together onto one page, but for now, here they are:

Jeremy Enigk
Brad Wood
Will Goldsmith
(with his favorite tea)

Nate Mendel Will’s
Drums Studio
and more good news…sound clips are coming as soon as possible…

In the future, will gradually become the main source of news for The Fire Theft. Currently I run the news in parrallell on both sites, but we’re going to start kicking into high gear soon, so keep your eyes peeled more towards there in the coming weeks and months.

8/22/02 – New information! The Fire Theft are looking to have the new album finished in September, shooting for a Fall release. Currently they are in talks with 4 different labels. Before anyone sends me 527 e-mails asking which labels, sorry, I can’t tell you. Mostly because I don’t know yet. All will be revealed in time, hehe. They also hope to play a show somewhere in Washington in September. Nate unfortunately needs to tour with The Foo Fighters so it depends if they can get a friend to play bass. Before anyone sends me 527 e-mails asking where its at and if you can play bass for them, a.) Its to be announced and b.) They have someone particular in mind, thank you though…SDRE/TFT fans are the best in the world.

The band wishes to apologize for the slow going news and contributes most of this to all of the members pursuing other projects in addition to The Fire Theft. Jeremy is currently doing the score for the upcoming Kevin Spacey film “The United States of Leland”. Will has a new project going on with Billy Dolan of 5ive Style and Heroic Doses (who you all might remember Nick Macri from as well, who played Bass for SDRE on tour, and is currently touring with Tim Kinsella’s new band Friend/Enemy. I caught them in Philly at The Khyber, check them out). Nate will be touring with the Foo Fighters.

Meanwhile, in Dan Hoerner’s neck of the woods…when not busy with Dan is scoring the soundtrack to a new independant film titled “Someone & Someone Incorporated” written and directed by Rohit Colin Rao, which is being submitted to the Cannes Film Festival for 2003. Other possible big news is coming up for Dan Hoerner musically, but I’ll keep tight-lipped until its real.

Thank you all for your patience!

-John DeSpirito

4/22/02 – Jeremy Enigk posted the following in the messageboards:

“Hello everyone, It has been awhile since we have updated the news on The Fire Theft, so i thought i would let you all know the progress we are making on the record. It is close! Currently there are 12 songs tracked with drums, bass and guitar. 5 of these songs have vocals. Although this is an estimate, i hope to have all the singing and extra colors( keyboards, pots n’ pans) tracked by the end of May at the latest. Maybe even mixed by then. We are shooting for its release in September of 2002. Yes, that is a ways away, but currently we have no means to put it out, due to the fact that we are labeless. We apologize for the wait, but we believe it will be worth it, for we have put a lot of heart and emotion into this record. When further progress is made we will update you a.s.a.p. Thanks. Sincerely, Jeremy Will and Nate… The Fire Theft…”

In other news, recently on cd retail websites such as and, a new CD has been showing up under Sunny Day Real Estate’s name titled “Less You Thank You”. This is NOT in fact Sunny Day Real Estate, but a Japanese artist named “Sunny”. The band would like to sincerely apologize to anyone who spent money purchasing this cd believing that this was a new Sunny Day Real Estate release. Neither Sunny Day Real Estate nor their management are responsible for the mistake and steps are being taken to correct this error.

If you haven’t heard already, Dan Hoerner has ended his run with Dashboard Confessional and is now pursuing other projects, keep your eyes peeled here for more.

02/18/02 – Just delivering a message from The Fire Theft. The band appreciates your patience as they work hard on their first album. They’re taking their time making sure everything is just right. So far vocals have been set for 6 tracks and they’re constantly re-writing and re-arranging in an effort to bring you an album that Will promises is “going to make a statement”. He also tells me its going to be an album full of “heart, soul, and deep deep thought” with a focus on healing and helping people. The majority of the waiting is over. In the meantime, thank you for your patience and support, and the boys wish you much love.

12/06/01 – Announcing Jeremy, Will, and Nate’s new band name: THE FIRE THEFT.

The Fire Theft is a term used by renowned mythologist Joeseph Campbell to describe a recurring theme throughout the world’s ancient myths. During the last two years of Campbell’s life, journalist Bill Moyers interviewed him at filmmaker George Lucas’ Skywalker Ranch in Northern California and at the Museum of Natural History in New York City. The band decided on their name when watching a DVD copy of these interviews.

Of course, I’ve already begun work on and

12/02/01 – Happy birthday to Nate Mendel! Jeremy, Will and Nate are currently in LA to begin mixing the new as yet untitled album for their yet to be titled band.

Also, for fans craving merch: A new merchandise section is being built which will include clothing, accessories, and stickers mostly from the Rising Tide tour. Hang tight.

As for Dan, he shaved his beard. Theres still time to see him on tour with Dashboard Confessional. I caught them once in Philly and three times in NYC, one of the best times of my life.

Also, this happened at least months ago, but I thought I should mention it. Brian “Ansigod” McCall’s Sunny Day Real Estate website was deleted by his school’s server. I just wanted to use this opportunity to send a hats off to him on doing a great job on what was a truly great SDRE site. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting him and hes a great guy and we still try to keep in touch. His site was instrumental in gathering the fans into an online community (the sdre_l which still exists today) that made headlines on and proved that you dont have to be in the spotlight of the mainstream (or even have to be playing together) to gain die hard and loyal fans.

When In the Blue first started a couple years ago, he was kind enough to give me permission to use some material from his site and I don’t know if In the Blue would be where it is today without his devoted work to the band. You’ll notice on the bottom of the home page, I have a list of names of everyone who helped contribute to this site in the beginning, no matter how small, and it will always be there.

10/10/01 – Wanna know what Dan has been up to in the meantime?

Jamming with Dashboard Confessional!!!

Currently Dan and Chris Carrabba are working on a new EP together, and will be touring together with Dashboard Confessional in the coming months (I’ll be catching them once in Philly, twice in New York, possibly once in Tennessee, and possibly twice in Florida be sure to say hi).

You heard it here first.

As for Jeremy, Will, and Nate, things are progressing well.

Also, this site is in the process of migrating away from The Artist Direct Network. Please excuse any technical difficulties (for example: outages or quirkieness on the messageboard) over the coming weeks. As a tip…if doesn’t work, try switching to and vica versa.

10/2/01 – Hello all,

Jeremy and Will are recording in Seattle as we speak. So far Will has laid 15 drum tracks with Jeremy beginning work today on keyboards, vocals, and guitar. Who is filling in on bass you ask? None other than Mr. Nate Mendel.

If thats not enough to get you drooling, this new album is being produced by Brad Wood, who brought you Diary and the self titled Pink Album.

Now they just need to think of a name…
9/1/01 – Hey gang, I’ve been getting alot of e-mails from you regarding lack of new news, and its completely understandable. Don’t forget, I’m a fan too! Since our last news update, everything has been steady as she goes. I can assure you each of the boys have creative gears set in motion to bring you some good music and more…but I’ve promised to keep a lid on it until they’ve given me the word. Trust me, no one intends to leave you hanging, its just that timing is everything. When I last spoke to Jeremy, he estimated he would begin working with Will sometime this month. As soon as Will and Jeremy have come up with a new band name, I can begin work on a new website!

As for all the fans of Chris Thompson’s work (Cover Artist: Diary, How It Feels to be Something On): Chris has posted several new pieces of work, including tattoos, on Dan and I’s website, The Art Conspiracy.

Also, I will soon be in the process of moving In the Blue to a new, more reliable web server. During that time, the domain name ‘’ may be temporarily disabled; however, ‘’ will still be functional.

6/12/01 – News straight from Jeremey and Will: Jeremy Enigk and Will Goldsmith are beginning a new project together. As of now, they don’t have a name yet, but they’ve told me its some of the best material they have ever written and fans can look forward to a debut album and tour.

Also, news of the breakup has reached MTV and Rolling Stone.

6/08/01 – Regretfully, it is my duty to inform you all that Sunny Day Real Estate has split and gone their seperate ways. As a friend, I have promised not to quote any of the band members themselves, but I can tell you some of the major factors, as well as what may come next. The band was met with a string of bad luck, including troubles with management companies. Another major blow came to the band when Arista dropped Time Bomb Recordings, making the European tour and advertising for a new album near impossible. As frustrations built, progress on the new album became stagnant at times. Not wanting to build personal tensions, the band decided to split up indefinitely.

As for the future, Dan Hoerner has at least 2 albums worth of material meant for Sunny Day which he intends to pick up on with a new band. Jeremy will most likely begin work on a second solo album, while Will may already have a new band lined up.

In the coming days, look to this website to serve as official rumor control, especially in the messageboards I predict.

Keep in mind that this is typical Sunny Day fashion, I wouldn’t count them out forever (wink wink nudge nudge), but for now, lets enjoy all the music they’ve given us and wish them luck on their future endeavors.

3/11/01 – In the Blue is now the official website of Sunny Day Real Estate! This month is the anniversary of the website’s creation, what a way to celebrate.

3.4.01 – There is a song circulating throughout the online music community by a band claiming to be Sunny Day Real Estate, the song title is “Giving Up”. I played it for both Will and Dan over the phone and they both confirmed for me that it is not them, so don’t believe the hype!

1.2.2001 – With the exception of a few major news items, the boys have been taking it easy and having babies (congrats again Dan!) Anyway here’s whats new: Unfortunately, the band has had to cancel the European tour due to financial constraint (mostly due to a legal issue with a management company they were considering using but never did). Not one to disappoint fans, SDRE will instead begin work on their new album! Their first tour stop to promote it: Europe.

Also, its not a lock yet, but I am currently in consideration to take over as new webmaster of the official site. I’ll keep you posted. If so, don’t worry, In the Blue will stay right where and how it is.

12.18.2000 – Its a boy!!! Dan Hoerner is the proud father of Rowan Jude Hoerner, born 12/17/00. On behalf of In the Blue, congratulations Dan!

12.13.2000 – is now officially live and fully operational! Designed by yours truly, check it out. If you’re looking to buy Dan’s book “The Little Monkey Chronicles,” thats the place to find it.

11.11.2000 – Big news for overseas fans! First, Sunny Day Real Estate is releasing The Rising Tide in Japan, with a bonus live track! And secondly, the European dates are finally in! I have to run out the door right now, but heres a breakdown of the dates real quick, I’ll add them to the tour page as well as more details when I get home. Please bear in mind that some of these dates and venues are subject to change this early on.

Tue-Feb 27 Manchester, England Hop & Grape
Wed-Feb 28 Nottingham, England Rock City
Thu-Mar 1 Wolverhampton,England Wulfrun
Fri-Mar 2 OFF
Sat-Mar 3 Liverpool, England Lomax
Sun-Mar 4 Leeds, England Cockpit
Mon-Mar 5 OFF
Tue-Mar 6 London, England LA2
Wed-Mar 7 Paris, France Festival
Thu-Mar 8 OFF
Fri-Mar 9 Kontich, Belgium Lintfabriek
Sat-Mar 10 Rotterdam, Holland Rotown
Sun-Mar 11 Groningen, Holland Vera
Mon-Mar 12 Amsterdam, Holland Paradiso
Tue-Mar 13 OFF
Wed-Mar 14 Hamburg, Germany Schlacthof
Thu-Mar 15 Koln, Germany Prime Club
Fri-Mar 16 Berlin, Germany Knaack
Sat-Mar 17 OFF
Sun-Mar 18 Frankfurt, Germany Batschkapp
Mon-Mar 19 Munich, Germany Metropolis
Tue-Mar 20 Stuttgart, Germany Rohre
Wed-Mar 21 OFF
Thu-Mar 22 Zurich, Switzerland Abart
Fri-Mar 23 Bologna,Italy Estragon
Sat-Mar 24 Mezzago (Milan), Italy Bloom
Sun-Mar 25 OFF
Mon-Mar 26 Barcelona, Spain Garatge Club
Tue-Mar 27 Madrid, Spain Caracol

11.6.2000 – A fellow fan by the name of Jim is putting together a tabs page for some great bands, including our boys, SDRE. If you have contributed tabs to In the Blue (or even if you haven’t), and you would like to contribute to Jim & pals’ new tabs page, please contact him at this address: [email protected]

10.24.2000 – The drummer from Euphone has a severe cut to his finger and from what I heard, the band is not opening up for SDRE at the latest shows due to unforseen circumstances. Hopefully, he’ll get well soon.

10.23.2000 – I know its a bit late, but Dan participated in an online audio chat at on October 19th. It went somewhat well and was somewhat informative. Typical of most Yahoo! chats there were alot of knucklehead troublemakers in the chat room; and the woman (girl?) who interviewed Dan was completely rude. Even if she was trying to be funny, she was just immature in my opinion. The most noteable information out of the chat is that Dan mentioned that plans for a possible European tour have been pushed back to February. Read the full transcript and get all the details here.

10.11.2000 – I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I guess thats a responsibility I’ve taken on with this site, so here goes: Time Bomb Records has gone through an organizational restructuring. This will not effect Sunny Day Real Estate negatively, but it does, however, cast a shadow of doubt on the possibility of a European tour. Lets keep our fingers crossed.

10.9.2000 – There are rumors going around, and even some reputable websites, that are saying there is a Philadelphia tour date at the 4040 for 10/22. As much as I want that to be true, its unfortunately false. It started because Euphone is in fact playing that show, but not with Sunny Day Real Estate. This was misinterpreted on Jade Tree’s webpage and then by and then the whole thing snowballed (I even jumped the gun a little and put the date up on In the Blue’s tour page, just to be safe).

10.7.2000 – Lots of news since last update:

Of course, the new tour is in full swing, check out the latest tour reviews. Euphone did not join the tour until later.
The interview with Dan at was amazing. He had kind words to say about In the Blue, thank you very much Dan! He was kind enough to answer a question I had about the next news item, read on:
Possible European tour!!! Dan wanted to make it clear that the European tour is not confirmed yet, but it is in the works. Possible tour locations include Germany, Holland, UK, and maybe France, with dates ranging from 11/12 to 11/28. Some tour dates in Italy are alreay listed on
Jeromy’s Audio archive has been merged with In the Blue to create the new audio section. Special thanks to Jeromy!
9.17.2000 – On 9/20, will be having a live acoustic SDRE set.

Dan Hoener is working on a illustrated book that Chris Thompson (album art for Diary & How It Feels to Be Something On) is doing the illustrations for. It is going to be sold on the web only. Also, Chris just got contracted by Burton Snowboards to do graphics for a new line of snowboards.

9.12.2000 – Latest news items:

This is straight from the official site:

Tired of not hearing Sunny Day Real Estate on the radio?
Stop bitching about it and do something. Call the following stations and tell them to play “One” by SDRE.
WIIS- Key West, FL
WNNX- (99X) Atlanta, GA – 404-741-0997
WFNX- Boston, MA – 781-595-3810
WHTG- New Jersey – 732-493-2002
WBER- Rochester, NY – 716-381-4353
WJSE- Atlantic City, NJ – 609-927-1027
WDST- Woodstock, NY – 914-679-7266
WKRL- Syracuse, NY – 315-424-ROCK
WGMR- Philadelphia, PA – 814-235-7388

The Sunny Day Real Estate hotline server is back up!

Rebecca Pedro sent a message to Dan Hoerner asking a few questions, here is his response:

“hey rebecca ) the farm rules and the weather is grand! thanks for asking
after dawson and the baby, they are both excellent as well. to answer your
questions: unfortunately, we couldn’t get a date in florida this time…
according to our booking agent, there was no dates open in any reasonable
clubs when we were going to be in the area. next tour, we will definitely do
some shows in florida… not sure when though, as we’re still working on the
one coming up! nick macri will be playing bass for us live again, and i
think his band euphone is going to open up some dates for us. i’m not sure
which ones, or if they are doing the whole tour yet. where did you hear joe
howard would be playing bass
for us??? maybe from him??? hehe, well anyway, rest assured, nick is our
guy :)”
8.28.2000 – Some of you are aware of SDRE’s touring bassist’s (Nick Macri) band Euphone. Euphone will be opening up for Sunny Day Real Estate on the new tour.

8.25.2000 – Its starting to sound like SDRE may not play Boston after all, beings the purpose of this tour is to hit venues they missed before.

Also, Dan recently posted this to the official BBS:

Fri Aug 25 13:20:02 PDT 2000
Dan (passwords suck!)
hey all- man, our news section is lame isn’t it? so we’re working on that… hopefully have info soon on the next north american run, as well as the european adventure in november, plus cool reviews and interviews and such… my website benchmark is john’s page ‘in the blue’ and we are falling waaayyy short… keep those tour pics coming though, we have the credits thing somewhat worked out. also, i want to start a section devoted to live videos similar to the photo gallery… i guess there are some really cool ones floating around out there. as soon as something comes together with the live ‘one’ thing we’ll post that too… we’ve got a lot of work to do! as far as florida goes, i’m sorry but we still don’t have a date there… we’re working on it, but running into resistance from booking agents down there for some weird reason. we haven’t given up yet…

Hang in there Florida! As for Dan: thanks for mentioning my site and the compliment therein.

8.22.2000 – Look for new tour dates to appear in Boston, Columbus, Champaign IL, and various cities in Florida.

8.21.2000 – New tour dates are beginning to pop up! Check the tour page for details. I’ve also heard unconfirmed news that SDRE was not picked for the Radiohead tour.

8.18.2000 – The transition from to is complete! this also means that all my e-mail addresses have changed. I am now [email protected], likewise tabs, tour reviews, and album reviews have changed from to . My mail will still work for awhile though, in case anyone accidently sends to them.

8.14.2000 – Here are the latest news items:

SDRE is one of like 5 bands left that are being considered for the Radiohead tour to begin next year.
Dan was serious when he talked about the possible Dave Matthews Band tour.
The next tour will begin in the end of September and run thru to mid November. This could totally change if they get a better opening slot (i.e. Moby), this one is all about secondary markets and no repeat markets from the last tour.
Europe is totally up in the air. There was talk of touring w/ the Sterophonics here and there.
The “One” video is still under construction.
8.12.2000 – Dan hung out in the official chat from about 2AM to 3AM EST. The conversation was very friendly and informative. For the whole transcript, click here. If you don’t feel like reading the whole thing, major news that broke is that SDRE will possibly open up for Dave Matthews Band, if they do not opt to headline their own tour through the cities they missed. They’d love to tour Europe in the near future, but are going to definitely tour the US again first. Dan is 31 years old, can quote Monty Python movies, and his wife is doing well and the baby is kicking away. He also cheats at the video game I made. I’ll keep the transcript in the interact section.

I ordered my new web hosting account early this morning, as soon as I get an e-mail from my new host, I can begin moving files over. I’m thinking it may not be until Monday now.

8.9.2000 – Time Bomb is looking for help! If you live in the Chicago or Minneapolis area, Time Bomb is looking for people to be street reps. Basically what a street rep does is spread the word about a band through unconventional means, to “put the word out on the streets” so to speak. If you’re interested, send mail here.

8.7.2000 – Its confirmed on the official BBS…Dan has announced that they are in fact planning a second tour, and they’re learning more of their songs to please the demanding crowds…

from Diary: Seven, Song About an Angel, 48, Shadows, Blankets Were the Stairs
from LP2: Red Elephant, Rodeo Jones, Waffle, Iscarabaid
from HIFTBSO: The Prophet, 100 Million, Days were Golden, The Shark’s Own Private Fuck
from The Rising Tide: Rain Song
8.3.2000 – Couple news items since last update…First, SDRE is now featured on Napster as a buycott artist. There’s also rumors flying that SDRE is going to do a second tour featuring their older songs. Finally, the official site sent out a newsletter today which includes the following details about a new contest:


Everyone likes a contest, right? So Sunny Day Real Estate is having a big
one. The 5 people who forward the ePostcard (found on the front of to the most people will win a Sunny Day Real Estate
prize package including a SIGNED subway poster (meaning really, really big)

Go on over to the band’s official site and download the postcard from the
front of the site:

Be sure to send photos, news bits, reviews etc to: [email protected]

-Sunny Day Real Estate online

7.26.00 – Contrary to previous belief, the 2nd LA show was not cancelled according to their local newspapers. Theres been alot of confusion about this show, so I’ve put it back on the tour page to be safe.

Also, apparently security at the show at Canes in San Diego wanted to assault Dan. Dan sounded pretty pist on his audio recording from the official site. (not with the Canes itself, or its management, just with the security)

Next, wanna see a funny article from LA Weekly? Here you go, see if you can spot the mistakes (for the record, this is not a diss on the LA Weekly itself, nor the author of this article, but you have to admit its pretty messed up):

“SDRE just get more gentle, texture-filled and lovely with each release. Unfortunately the “emo” tag is thrown around carelessly, used to describe any pop-punk band with even a hint of tunefulness, but it couldn’t apply more to this Seattle trio. Talk about drama, these guys should have their own soap opera. First Jeremy Enigk scared everyone after becoming born again just before the release of What It Feels Like To Be Something On (a not-so-subtle-play on his post-conversion ecstasy), then bassist William Goldsnith left to play briefly with the Foo Fighters, but came crawling back with a bellyful of Grohl; and the band even disbanded for over a year after their first Sub Pop release. Fear not indie-rock faithful, The Rising Tide proves they are not only emo gods but, like Sleater-Kinney and Modest Mouse, one of the few guitar bands restoring garage rock to its long-lost ’60s glory. And as for Enigk’s spirituality, whatever it takes, brother, whatever it takes. (Andrew Lentz)”

7.25.00 – Sorry about the delay in news, here’s the past week’s newsworthy events:

An interview with Dan on where he elaborates on “One” – click here.
Tori Mazur conducted a great interview with Jeremy Enigk.
Dan’s wife is pregnant. Congratulations Dan!
According to, the Portland, OR show is 7/31, while Timebomb says 8/1, people going to that show keep your eyes peeled for the real show.
According to Dan’s recording on the official site, a music video for “one” will be filmed at the LA show!
7.17.00 – New tour dates have been announced! Theres a new in store in San Diego, also, the second LA show seems to have been cancelled…can anyone confirm this? please e-mail me if so. Also, there is a new webpage out there at featuring a behind the scenes look at SDRE and a profile of Dan.

As of today, I have registered the domain name … look for the site to move there in the future.

7.14.00 – Sunny day is letting people take cameras into their shows! Get some great pics and feel free to send them to me, I’ll be happy to put them up. And while you’re at it, send them to the official site (who just finished their new navigational structure).

Attention Boston fans: A radio station there has “One” in regular rotation, call them and bug them! In fact, everyone everywhere, bug your radio stations! Help turn the tide (pun intended).

RUMOR WARNING! This is only a rumor I’ve heard around…I’ve heard SDRE may tour Europe around the Fall. RUMOR WARNING! has posted an mp3 version of “One”!

6.30.00 – From the official site: “SDRE debuts on Billboard top-200 @ # 97 scanning over 15,000 units!! SDRE is # 1 on the CMJ chart this week!”

6.22.00 – The official site is now up! See if it meets your expectations.

6.21.00 – Special thanks to Anthony Schmidt for letting me post these tidbits of information. Anthony spoke to Dan at Seattle’s record release party and got the following scoop (this is all quoted from Anthony):

William said the clip before the “tearing in my heart” (the kids) is will’s sister from many years ago. she was in France and
walking around with a tape recorder and recording kids playing….
It was time bomb’s idea to have no knife come along on the tour… however dan, at least, really likes them….
I mentioned to jeremy that the mp3 of him on nick barber’s answering machine is circulating around the internet… he started
freaking out about how upset he was all those years ago… “i went over to his house and he was just wearing that necklace… i
couldn’t believe it!”
Will saw the american pie soundtrack sitting in a bin at the store and mentioned the sunny day poster in the movie… he had no
idea it was there until he saw the movie…
Someone tried to get will to autograph a foo fighters poster and he refused… “i can’t sign that…”
There is going to be at least one “new” song from the diary/lp2 era played on this tour…
There are no plans for any singles/b-sides right now… although they already do have a new (untitled) song that isn’t on the record that dan said “will probably be our next single” (?)
They plan to stay a three-piece (as far as recording goes) as of right now… the next album should be the same way…
Jeremy has been playing guitar since he was 12…
I remember someone on the list asking why nick barber didn’t come along as sdre’s bassist… i mentioned this to jeremy and he
said that he’s really busy now… not with music, but with his family and his son… jeremy also mentioned he doesn’t plan to ever have children…*
Will spent all kinds of time talking about star wars memorbilia with a few fans…
Will said the statue on the cover is a picture of a memorial in canada…
The shirt has the cover of the record on the front and “sonic boom” (the record store logo) on the back… looks more like a promo shirt for sonic boom than an actually sdre shirt…
The poster i got is about 5″ tall (okay, not *really* bigger than me) and is the statue in black and white along with all the summer
2000 tour dates on the left bottom side…
6.20.00 – THE RISING TIDE IS OUT TODAY! Need I say more.

6.16.00 – CDNow has made short clips of each song of The Rising Tide available.

6.12.00 – DOH! I accidentally overwrote the past week’s news. Heres a recap of everything from the past week up to today:

Time Bomb has made it official: No Knife is touring with SDRE.
Lots more In Store dates have been added, check out the tour page.
Nick Macri from Heroic Doses and Euphone will be the new touring bassist.
Despite the news, the Philadelphia listening party never happened…if you plan to go to one in your area, be sure to double check for it!
Two tour venues changed, the 7/2 show in Detroit and the 7/27 show in LA, see the tour page for the most up to date venue information.
6.2.00 – Looks like ‘No Knife’ will be opening up for Sunny Day Real Estate on this tour. Good stuff!

6.2.00 – Thanks to Nick Swift for posting this to the SDRE-L:

Here Are all of the dates for the Sunny Day Real Estate “The Rising Tide”
Listening Parties. Please come to these, they will be giving away tons of
prizes, including concert tix and free cd’s, and you will be able to hear
and in some cases, buy the rising tide before it comes out. Come and show
your support.

Los Angeles June 6, 2000 Spaceland
Seattle June 14, 2000 Breakroom
Chicago June 16, 2000 Cleos
Philadelphia June 9,2000 4040
San Francisco June 17, 2000 Bottom of The Hill
Minneapolis June 19, 2000 Foxfire Coffee Lounge
Boston June 15, 2000 TT’s
Detriot June 7, 2000 Magic Stick
Washington DC June 10, 2000 Blackcat
Atlanta June 14, 2000 Fountainhead Lounge
Phoenix June 7, 2000 Modified
St. Louis June 17, 2000 Rocket Bar

6.1.00 – HOLY SMOKES! How did this one get by me? Dan Hoerner posted to the Time Bomb’s message boards. Its way too long a post to be a hoax.

5.31.00 – Time Bomb Recordings’ official site has added a lyrics section, as well as a few new in-store shows scheduled. Every Wednesday, they’ll add another Rising Tide song to the lyrics section. As they do this, I’ll be able to update my lyrics section with the official lyrics. Unfortunately, that means I’ll gradually be replacing Steve and Brad’s interpretations. Thanks for all your help guys!

5.27.00 – The Official Site has a banner to enter a contest to win tickets to any of the shows. Personally, I think it looks like a bit of a ploy to get your e-mail address in artistdirect’s network to send you junk mail…but you can opt to not have it sent. And you can’t beat free tickets.

Also, the following was posted to the messageboards (really Will Goldsmith? Probably):

“Hey this is William, I just finally got my first
computer. I didn’t realize people talked about my
band…crazy! Just so you know all the tour dates are
not posted yet. Also, we’re not taking a string
section, however we are going to have someone to play
keyboards/piano/3rd guitar and Mr. Nicholas Macri
(Euphone/C-clamp/Blue Man Group/Heroic Doses) to play
Bass for the tour. To the guy who said we can’t hold
on to a bass player, it’s hard to replace Nate and we
enjoyed writing this record as a three piece. That’s
how we wrote most of Diary i.e. Thief Steal Me A
Peach. p.s. Joe not touring with us has nothing to do

5.24.00 – Well, the biggest news today would have to be the new MTV article about SDRE and their upcoming tour & album. The article features Realaudio of Dan and new tour dates.

Also in news today, Time Bomb’s official site has posted realaudio of ‘Killed by an Angel’ and ‘Faces in Disguise’.

5.7.00 – I’ve been told now by a few sharp fans that the “official” lyrics may just be someone’s guess just like ours. I’m looking into it. The plot thickens…

5.7.00 – “Official” LP2 Lyrics discovered!? I’m still looking into this. The story is: Janna Williamson (wife of Greg Williamson, SDRE’s former management) auctioned a Japanese copy of LP2 (via eBay). Apparently, the Japanese LP2 includes “official” lyrics to the album. The winner of the auction was kind enough to share the lyrics with the rest of the fans. Everything sounds good to me so far, so I’ve posted the “official” lyrics up on our site.

5.1.00 – As promised, Time Bomb Recordings’ site has posted the second video in their weekly series.

4.20.00 – Time Bomb Recordings now has their own official page which includes an interesting bio on the band, a new song, a short video, and the tracklist of the upcoming album, which is as follows:

killed by an angel
rain song
the ocean
fool in the photograph
tearing in my heart
faces in disguse
the rising tide

4.6.00 – The Official Site has been updated yet again with a form to fill out about yourself. Filling it out enters you in a contest to win “The Risig Tide”, an autographed copy of the lyrics, and other goodies.

4.4.00 – MTV’s official site has posted an article about the upcoming album. Read all about it here.

4.4.00 – The Official site now includes a link to download “The Ocean” and a new image of the band.

3.26.00 – The Official site has announced the title of the upcoming album: “The Rising Tide” due in stores June 20th! Better line up now. Also, they have a form available to sign up to their newsletter.

3.26.00 – Well, the site is starting to take shape. All the grunt work is in place, now its a matter of plugging in content.